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Vertical Jump Training at Power Jump Performance

Unleash your vertical potential!

If you're looking to achieve a higher vertical jump, dedicating a specific time of year solely to improving your physicality is highly recommended. At Power Jump Performance, we specialize in vertical jump and plyometric training for athletes. To ensure the best results, it's essential to minimize confounding variables from practicing or playing your sport. Identify the period when you engage in your sport the least, allowing you to dedicate ample time to strength and conditioning. Below is a brief sample overview of our effective vertical jump training program. Please note that this is not a comprehensive plan, and for optimal results, we recommend seeking a tailored program from our professionals based on your unique strengths and weaknesses.

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Program Name Bronze Jumpers (Basic) Silver Flyers (Intermediate) Altitude Gold (Advanced)
Pricing Tier $299 for 3 months $449 for 3 months $749 for 3 months
Vertical Jump Training Included Included Included
Strength Training Basic strength exercises Customized strength program Personalized strength plan
Reactive Strength N/A N/A Included
Jumping Technique Fundamentals Advanced techniques Elite jump techniques
Mobility Training Basic mobility drills Targeted mobility program Personalized mobility plan
Vertimax Training Included Included Included
Personal Coach Assigned Assigned coach Dedicated personal coach
Group Workouts Included Included Small-group Sessions
Suggested Training Days 2 days per week 3 days per week 3 days per week
Progress Tracking Basic tracking tools Personalized progress log Detailed performance analysis
Equipment Discounts N/A Special deals on equipment Exclusive equipment offers
Membership Length 3 months 3 months 3 months
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